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My Practice

I am a writer, animal and Nature lover, and a graduate of the Core Energetics training program at the Seattle School of Body Psychotherapy (SSBP). I am working toward certification and practice under the supervision of Aylee Welch, LICSW. 

I am exploring Core Energetics as a tool for healing and evolution in the context of climate crisis.

I enjoy supporting creatives and activists, and I warmly welcome all folx, inclusive of race, gender, and sexuality.


I offer a consent-based, non-hierarchical practice grounded in play.


  • Associate Core Energetics Practitioner; Graduate of the Seattle School of Body Psychotherapy; Supervised by Aylee Welch, LICSW. 

  • MFA Creative Writing; University of New Orleans 2018

  • RPCV, Peace Corps Cameroon 2011-2013

  • BA in English and Anthropology; Tufts University 2010

My Journey

Before Core Energetics, I had a perpetual sense of longing. I longed for purpose. I wanted to feel more joy in my relationships.


I felt like I was 'wasting my potential.' I had gifts, but I didn’t know how to embody them. I had love, but I felt lonely. Paralyzed by the weight of my own expectations, I struggled to start and finish projects. I was 100% a people pleaser. I thought more about other people's expectations than about what was true for me. 

In the midst of all that, I was waking up to the reality of the climate crisis and experiencing more grief, fear, and outrage than I could contain. I did not want to be human.


I had never had anxiety, that I knew of, until my mid-twenties. Then my anxiety manifested physically. Heart palpitations, shortness of breath, severe allergies and rashes, plus the negative thought spirals. In 2014, during a run along the streetcar track on South Carrolton Avenue in New Orleans, beside a huge Oak tree, the palpitations and shortness of breath literally brought me to my knees. 

Since my Core journey, I am grounded. I am solid. I am big. I am in my body. 


Physically, emotionally, mentally, existentially, I am so excited to discover who I am and worry much less about who I "should be."

I am authentic. I have healthy boundaries.

My inner child is re-awakened, and life feels like an adventure again. Socializing no longer drains me; it nourishes me. 

I am not overly attached to outcomes, and I am more willing to take risks. My professional and creative life is dynamic. 


I am more connected to myself and to others (human, animal, plant, my ancestors, my spirit guides).

I feel less of a need to control, because I am more trusting of myself and of life.


I share this work with others, because of the benefits it has given me. 

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