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What is core energetics?

We all have defensive patterns that cut us off from the flow of life and love. Muscle tension, held-in emotions, and unexamined belief systems create patterns, which keep us limited and disempowered. 

The groundwork for these patterns is laid during early childhood. Our adult bodies carry patterns learned, for example, at ages five, three, two, and even at birth. As adults we often use these defenses unconsciously in response to challenging situations. Core Energetics creates opportunities to release the patterns which no longer serve us.

Core Energetics is a journey to connect with the core of who we are. Our truest selves are loving, creative, sensual, empowered, and wise.

Map of Personality by Kathleen E Sheg.webp

By Kathleen E Sheg

Core Energetics, which evolved from an amalgamation of modern Western psychology and Eastern psycho-spiritual concepts, brings consciousness to how we block our life energy, so we can live life with more purpose and pleasure.

If we are able to engage our observer mind, over time we can develop an awareness of our defenses. We can make the unconscious conscious. We can then learn to CHOOSE how we respond to situations, as opposed to just reacting.

Our bodies tell our stories. Everything we experience is encoded on the cellular level and within our nervous system.


Our experiences shape our bodies and inform how we approach life, relationships, and challenges.


In Core Energetics, our bodies are our partners in working with the subconscious. Through the body, we can transform our pain, heal deep wounds, and reconnect with the essence of who we really are.

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Feeling into the body helps us to know when and how to allow, to surrender, and to advocate for ourselves both within the practitioner/client relationship and in daily life.

As we learn to sense, interpret, and trust our body-speak, we can become more energetic, loving, and open to life.


As we learn to feel safe in our body, we learn to feel safe in the world. 

We learn to self-sooth, to co-exist with fear, connect with others, hold our boundaries, see and be seen, and to love and trust ourselves. Core Energetics creates more space for authenticity in our relationships and in life. 

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