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Gradient Background

an embodied exploration of the nuances of connection


Cultivate body awareness and fully inhabit our bodies from the ground up. 

  • Calm the nervous system

  • Increase confidence


Explore the mind-body connection and open energy flow through the body.

  • Release stuck emotions

  • Feel more present

Somatic Process Work

There will be opportunities for individual somatic processes as we follow the needs and the energy of the group.

  • Disrupt old patterns and limiting belief systems

  • Witness and support each other's healing


Individual check-ins allow each of us to bring our voice into the room.

  • Establish safety in the container

  • Welcome each other


Having strengthened the connection to self, we explore the nuances of connection with others.

  • Feel into your boundaries 

  • Find your No and your Yes

  • Experiment with giving and receiving

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