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Release stuck emotions, so you can be vibrantly alive.


At our CORE, our potential is our truth.

What does your body say about you? 

Boost Confidence • Deepen Relationships • Soothe Trauma •
Set Boundaries • Cultivate Authenticity • Sustain a Life You Love


Hi, I'm Christine.

Associate Core Energetics Pracitioner

I’m a somatic practitioner, writer, and teacher. I trained in CORE Energetics at the Seattle School of Body Psychotherapy.This site is full of resources that can help you explore your inner world, soothe trauma, and live a life you love.

My practice is consent-based and non-hierarchical. I warmly welcome all folx, inclusive of race, gender, and sexuality. 

Let’s get started and create something beautiful together.


Work With Me

A gentle, grounded approach to individual and collective evolution. 

In our work together, I'll guide you with movement and body-wisdom to build a life beyond fear, pain, and pent-up emotions. I will walk beside you with my toolbox of somatic techniques and meet you with compassion to uncover and release the root traumas that keep you stuck. We will reeducate your system to feel confident, loving, and vibrantly alive.

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