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Release stuck emotions, so you can be vibrantly alive.


At our CORE, our potential is our truth.

What does your body say about you? 

Boost Confidence • Deepen Relationships • Soothe Trauma •
Set Boundaries • Cultivate Authenticity • Sustain a Life You Love


Hi, I'm Christine.

Associate Core Energetics Pracitioner

I am an animal lover, a spiritual adventurer, and an explorer of emotional landscapes. 

I offer my knowledge of Core Energetics, a therapeutic modality based on Reichian concepts and Eastern philosophies, to support clients in exploring their inner world, soothing trauma, and self actualizing. I offer honesty, curiosity, acceptance, and a container that invites full self expression.

My practice is consent-based and non-hierarchical. I warmly welcome all folx, inclusive of race, gender, and sexuality. 

I am a graduate of the Seattle School of Body Psychotherapy and practice under the supervision of Aylee Welch, LICSW.


Services & Offerings

One-on-one Sessions

We take a gentle, grounded approach to uncovering the root traumas that keep us "stuck" and reeducating our system to feel safe and capable. ​ As a result of this work, clients report feeling more empowered, embodied, joyful and loving.  ​ Sessions are 60 minutes and cost $125 per session.  Sliding scale available - reach out!

Process Groups

Process groups meet regularly and offer something individual sessions do not - witnessing and relationship. Play with how you relate to others. Practice seeing and being seen. Practice authenticity, boundaries. Take risks that you would normally avoid in your day-to-day muggle life. Groups work best as a compliment to individual sessions or as a way to ease into somatic work. Contact me to get started.


Get a taste of somatics and leave with tools and insights to apply to your life right away. Connect on a deeper level than society normally allows and feel what community feels like. Subscribe to my mailing list to be notified of groups and workshops as they arise.


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